Dr. Vik is bringing a new era in Cardiac Excellence.


Dr. Vik is bringing

a new era in

Cardiac Excellence.


Cardiac Excellence

Welcome to Premier Cardiology, where we usher in a new era in cardiac excellence. Under the leadership of renowned cardiologist Dr. Vikranth Gongidi, our practice is your gateway to the highest quality cardiac care in Vero Beach, Florida.

Committed to a patient-centric approach, we blend cutting-edge treatments with compassionate professionals to ensure your heart remains strong and vibrant. At Premier Cardiology, we prioritize your cardiovascular well-being, marking the dawn of a new era in the pursuit of optimal heart health.


Concierge Cardiac Care


Less patient cases, longer visits, truly personalized and comprehensive cardiac care.


Enhanced access to me that will provide Holistic Heart Health, preventive care and optimal well being.


Ability to schedule same or next day appointments, as well as virtual visits. We accommodate you.

I would LOVE to have you as a member of my concierge practice. Here are 5 reasons why you should join me:

  • Personalized and comprehensive cardiac care, tailoring treatment plans to suit your specific needs for optimal results.

  • Flexible appointment scheduling. In-person visits or virtual consultations, making it easier to manage your cardiac health effectively.

  • Priority access to cardiac services. This means you receive prompt attention and faster diagnosis.

  • Strong and trusting relationship with my patients. Dedicated time for consultations, open communication, and a compassionate approach.

  • Preventive cardiology via comprehensive health assessments. Expert risk factor management, and personalized lifestyle guidance. This empowers you to take proactive measures to maintain your heart health, ensuring a healthier and more vibrant quality of life.

Our Team

Meet the Premier Cardiology team: a powerhouse of seasoned healthcare providers all dedicated to redefining your cardiac wellness journey with unparalleled expertise and personalized care.

Dr. Vik Gongidi

Concierge Cardiologist

Amanda Carter, ARNP

Thannia Richert, Manager

Andrea Ramales

Medical Asst

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