cARTiolgy for a Cause - What Happens at the Intersection of Art x Cardiology?

We're absolutely thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking initiative that merges the realms of Cardiology and Art in a way you've never seen before. Premier Cardiology is partnering with the extraordinarily gifted local artists like Allie Comer, Barbara Krupp and Joshua McMiller.

Part proceeds to benefit the VNA.

Allie Comer doesn't just create art; she crafts stories, constructs feelings, and composes worlds. As you journey through her work, you'll find more than just visual splendor; you'll find a piece of yourself, discovering your own stories in the labyrinth of colors, textures, and layers that define her art.

Allie Comer - A Symphony of Art, Nature, and Imagination

Raised by the serene lakes of Central Florida, Allie Comer has always been inspired by nature's intricate beauty. This lifelong fascination has fueled her artistic journey through various mediums, from fiber and wax to collage. Recently, Allie has found her passion in abstract acrylic painting, a canvas where her love for texture, color, and words converge. Each piece she creates is a rich tapestry of layers and emotions, inviting you to find your own story within. With a flair for the tactile and a heart tuned to nature's rhythm, Allie doesn't just make art—she crafts sensory experiences that speak to the soul

Joshua McMiller: Where Urban Canvas Meets Nature's Palette

From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Vero Beach, Florida, Joshua McMiller isn't just a visual artist—he's a visual storyteller whose murals and private commissions are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Joshua nurtured an intimate relationship with nature from a young age, a connection that now infuses his works with soul-stirring vitality.

What sets Joshua apart is his creative evolution; he's a maestro of versatility, effortlessly pivoting between diverse techniques and styles to continually redefine his artistic voice. Yet, regardless of the medium or technique, his work consistently resonates with the echoes of nature's beauty and complexity.

In a world of fleeting visuals and instant gratification, Joshua McMiller's art lingers, captivating both the eye and the soul. He doesn't just paint pictures; he captures fragments of nature and emotion, magnifying them on urban canvases for the world to experience.

This internationally acclaimed artist is more than just a creator; she's a storyteller who captures the essence of life itself. Krupp's work acts as a visual symphony, merging vibrant colors and intricate patterns to evoke emotion and provoke thought

Barbara Krupp - Visual Alchemist

Meet the visual alchemist transforming canvases into emotional landscapes that are nothing short of masterpieces. Through each brushstroke, she crafts an evocative narrative that digs deep into the human psyche. Her art doesn't just hang on a wall—it pulls you in, serving as a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations and profound self-examination. In a world overrun by digital noise and marketing gimmicks, Krupp's work serves as a sanctuary, elevating both domestic and corporate environments. Her international acclaim is no accident; it's the inevitable result of merging unparalleled talent with universal themes that resonate across cultures.

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