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Why Your Heart Health Matters More Than Ever

Why Your Heart Health Matters More Than Ever

In a world where stress and unhealthy lifestyles are rampant, cardiac health has become more crucial than ever. Both your mental and physical well-being are interconnected with the state of your heart.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

Our 6-week supervised heart-healthy fitness program is tailored to fit your needs, combining the latest in cardiac health guidelines and personalized attention from Florida licensed primary health care providers.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Nutritional Guidelines: Get personalized dietary plans that align with your heart-healthy goals.

  • Educational Insights: Learn crucial facts about heart health to sustain a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

  • Flexible Schedule: Your program comes with two optional makeup appointments for unexpected life events.

  • Expert Supervision: Work directly with a Florida licensed primary health care provider throughout your sessions.

  • Small Group Training: Maximize personal attention with groups limited to just 6 participants.

  • In-depth Sessions: Each 60-minute session includes pre-workout and post-workout blood pressure and heart rate readings, a focused 35-minute workout, and an insightful 10-minute discussion on nutrition.

Sessions Breakdown

  • Blood Pressure/Resting Heart Rate Reading: 5-10 minutes

  • Nutrition Logging and Discussion: 10 minutes

  • Workout Duration: 35 minutes

  • Post-workout Blood Pressure Reading: 5 minutes

  • Workout Focus: Balance, stretching, strength training, core stability, and aerobic conditioning.

Our Trust and Compliance Commitment

Fitness Republic and Premier Cardiology are trusted names in the field of healthcare. We've collaborated to ensure top-notch service while maintaining the highest HIPPA compliance standards for your data security.

Don't Miss Out: Limited Availability

We keep our group sessions small to ensure you get the most out of your program, but that means spots fill up quickly. Act now to reserve your space!

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With over two decades in the industry, I am a seasoned Personal Trainer and Master Trainer with Total Gym, specializing in sport-specific conditioning and holistic wellness. My comprehensive approach stems from a rich background that includes a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Ithaca College and a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Certified in Personal Training, Behavior Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition by The American Council on Exercise, my offerings extend beyond traditional fitness. Visit our studio for a transformative experience, blending physical training with strategies for overall well-being.

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