Choose unparalleled excellence in heart care. Your heart deserves nothing but the finest, and that is precisely what we deliver.

  • Exclusive Access to Premier Cardiac Care
    At Premier Cardiology, we offer an unparalleled level of access to Dr Gongidi. Membership ensures you a privileged pathway to consult with one of the region's best in class heart specialists. This is an environment where your cardiovascular health is prioritized and meticulously monitored.

  • Advanced In-House Diagnostic Capabilities
    Our state-of-the-art lab is situated conveniently within our premises, providing swift and accurate diagnostic services. This seamless integration of advanced testing and expert consultation ensures that your cardiovascular health is assessed with precision and care, all in one convenient setting.

  • Enhanced Doctor-Patient Rapport for Tranquility

    Membership at Premier Cardiology guarantees enhanced access to your dedicated heart specialist, fostering a deep and trusting doctor-patient relationship. This heightened level of communication provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your cardiovascular health is in the hands of your own dedicated heart doctor.

  • Specialized Cardio-Oncology Expertise

    Dr Vik is well versed in the complex field of cardio-oncology, with expertise in managing the intricate interplay between cardiac and oncological conditions. This niche specialization ensures that your heart receives expert care, especially in the context of cancer-related cardiovascular complexities.

  • A Legacy of Pioneering Heart Care

    Becoming a member of Premier Cardiology is a decision to align yourself with a legacy of excellence. We are a sanctuary of heart health, where innovation meets tradition, and patient care is elevated to an art form. Your journey with us is not just about addressing cardiovascular needs today, but about building a lasting legacy of optimal heart health.

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